lit kit

lit kit


The perfect companion for you and your inner circle.

Each Lit Kit contains:

  • Our signature ceramic Le Pipe

  • 'High Tide' candle made exclusively for House of Puff x Joya

  • HIGH FUNCTIONING carrying case

  • Silicone herb container

  • Limited edition rolling papers + crutch card

  • ‘How to Roll’ and use Le Pipe guide

Intended for tobacco use only.

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Please note, as each Le Pipe is hand-crafted, color and size may vary slightly.


Le Pipe

Inspired by the juxtaposition of simple design and modern aesthetic, House of Puff’s Le Pipe is our solution for a compact, stylish, and portable smoking accessory. Handcrafted in porcelain, Le Pipe was developed exclusively for House of Puff and features our signature pastel shading and is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket or your bag, simple enough to keep clean and cute enough to leave on your coffee table.

Le Pipe’s entourage includes its own carrying bag and detailed care instructions. Please note, as each piece is hand-crafted, and color and size may vary slightly.

Size: 3 ½ in. .4' d | Material: Porcelain and non-toxic glaze


High Tide Candle

Our signature High Tide candle is hand poured in New York City using local raw materials and made with a proprietary blend of soy, vegetable oil and beeswax with a 100% cotton wick. Igniting this bougie stirs up a well-layered scent which is headlined by white fig, sandalwood, iris and coconut milk with an encore of amber, hyacinth leaves and lime. This redolence is crafted to inspire a worldly calm and an elevated mood. Made to create sophisticated moments and enhance your smoking experience. Reuse the tumbler for your makeup brushes or cocktails. Exclusively created for House of Puff by Joya.

Designed, poured and packaged in New York City. | 6.5oz / 185g


Things to get you rollin'

At House of Puff, we believe that sometimes when you want something done right, there’s no substitution for doing it yourself. In each kit we include:

HIGH FUNCTIONING carrying case for the girl on the go.

Silicone herb jar for your mix

"How to roll" instructions and a perforated crutch card.

Matches, because le duh

Limited edition "Get Lit" rolling papers. Made with true hemp & unbleached papers, we know you want to work with only the most organic materials. 1 ¼ inch with 40 leaves per booklet.

Pro Tip: They also make for a great oil blotter in a pinch (for serious).